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China has the greatest potential in Global PCB field
China has the greatest potential in Global PCB field
Click:4659 From: GSPCB Date: 2009-03-08
China has the greatest potential in Global PCB field
Click:186 From: Gspcb Date: 2009-03-08

Statistics from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association show that the total output value of Global epoxy PCB was estimated at 51.5 billion U.S. dollars, down 45, compared with 2007. The market value may be a negative growth 12% in epoxy resin PCB industry this year. However, China is still the most potential market under the support of Chinese government expanding domestic demand expansion, household appliances to the countryside, and launching 3G context.

In a recent press conference, Lu Haotian from TPCA said Chinese epoxy resin PCB industry has become the world¡¯s largest producer, which has kept more than 2 percent of high growth rates in the past six years. But by the global financial crisis, the growth will be lower than 20%, will be 17.8% for the first time; it possibly has a negative growth over 12% this year. However, the expert s believe it still can drive 600 billion business opportunities under the active promotion of Chinese Government for home appliances to the countryside, 3G services and so on. In addition, the government has also introduced preferential policies to bring good to the epoxy resin PCB. It¡¯s expected epoxy resin PCB May gradually warm up in the third Quarter.

According to the experts of China Association of epoxy resin industry, ¡°2009 Suzhou PCB / SMT Exhibition¡± sponsored by Strait economic and technological cooperation will be held in Suzhou, which is organized by TPCA Exhibition and has been successfully held four sessions. The sponsor hope to promote cross-strait industry to ride out the storm, further enhance China¡¯s technological level of the circuit board, for and hold market share in the international market.

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